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Present real estate successfully.

How do I successfully market properties in need of renovation, difficult to place or not yet built properties?

Virtual home staging

In order to successfully market a property, high-quality and beautiful photos of the property are essential. It is difficult here for problematic properties or properties that have not yet been built.

With bad photos, or even no photos at all, the demand for the property drops dramatically. Also, the best possible prices cannot be achieved.


Classic home staging is a form of real estate marketing

where tidying up, furnishing, decoration and professional photos get the best out of every property. However, home staging is only "a drop in the ocean" for a property that is in dire need of renovation. Home staging can also not help to better marketing if the property has not yet been built.

Beweg mich

For these cases there is now a virtual home staging at Ita - Interior art , the 3D home staging. This allows the interiors to be reproduced and "prepared" virtually and photo-realistically. And even better: for rooms that urgently need to be renovated, the renovation is carried out virtually.

Home Construction

With 3D home staging, problematic properties are no longer a problem

3D home staging is also completely straightforward.

All I need is a floor plan and a few photos of the rooms, that's it!

After a week at the latest, you can start marketing the property without having to invest a lot of money in a renovation or without a house being built. Of course, the photos of the actual condition of objects in need of renovation should not be concealed and should also be included in the synopsis. However, the demand will still be significantly higher because the potential customer can imagine how beautiful the rooms can look later.

Conclusion: 3D Home Staging is the simple, inexpensive and successful real estate marketing tool for problematic properties and new buildings!

Leasing ein Haus
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